Brewing Happiness On Every Table

img_1605-copyIn a previous post, I mentioned how there are so many details that make this luncheon special and unique. At the WWW luncheon, one of those special things is the centerpiece you’ll find at all of the tables. Each year, there is a new theme and different design by a member of the Bella Vista League. And this year’s showpiece was the brainchild of Stephanie.

“Brewing Happiness”, this year’s theme, sparked Stephanie’s first thought of a cauldron. As she mulled over various ideas for witches, a witch having a bit of light-hearted fun took root in her mind. She researched the many witches that could embody her concept and found Olivia swinging in a tree. With the slight smile on her hand painted porcelain face, Olivia seemed the perfect expression for her ideas.

centerpiecescollage1Olivia is part of the Witches of Pendle collection imported from the United Kingdom. A popular collectible, you can read all about the 17th century witch trials that surround this set of witches in a small booklet that comes with the piece.

The other major part of the setting was the tree. A black tree would complement the color scheme well but still needed to accentuate the playfulness of the scene. Stephanie found such a tree with branches angled in such a way to appear “alive” and had purple lights added to the ends of each branch for drama and color.To complete her vision, Stephanie created a “Brewing Happiness” sign, found colorful butterflies and birds to perch on the branches, and added a bit of tulle to mimic steam from the cauldron.


This stunning work of art is available for purchase for $95 each at the luncheon. Only a limited number of centerpieces is available, so don’t miss out! I already bought one of the centerpieces to add to our collection of Halloween décor and am looking forward to placing it center stage on our dining room table after the event. [Overall dimensions – 31″ tall and 14″ wide]

[This is an original post to Witchy Wonderful, the official blog of the Bella Vista League, the non-profit organization behind the annual Wonderful Witchy Women With A Cause luncheon and silent auction. This year’s event will be held on October 28th, 10:30am – 2:00pm, at the Fairmont Hotel, San Jose.]