Behind the Scenes – Making the Video

The Bella Vista League kicks off the program each year with a video. This video includes interviews with representatives from each of the non-profits supported by BVL and personal stories told by people helped by the non-profit organizations.

As the video plays, more often than not, throats become dry, eyes begin to water, and hearts feel heavy as the attendees listen to the families relate the crises they faced. Everyone is transfixed by the dejected tone in their voices and the pain they suffered. But then, they move onto how that non-profit offered their help. Strangers that only knew their faces and their need. There is wonder. There is gratitude.

And through their journey to get back on their feet, they learn their own strength. With the guiding presence of the non-profit, they learn to stand on their own.

And the tears fall. Not a single dry eye in the audience. And this is why we are all here.

The making of this video is a challenge to keeping one’s composure for our BVL members that create it. Oftentimes, they could feel their own eyes water as the personal stories are told. They want to stop, hug them, and cheer them on. But they have an interview to complete and a video to produce. A piece that truly is a work of love.

At Operation Freedom Paws facility…

Visiting Heritage Home

A stop at Family Supportive Housing

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