Congratulations to the Selected 2018 Charities

The Bella Vista League is thrilled to announce the non-profit organizations selected to benefit from this year’s Wonderful Witchy Women with a Cause silent auction and BVL_greenluncheon fundraiser to be held the last week of October at the Fairmont Hotel. We are looking forward to supporting these worthy local organizations in their daily efforts to help those in need. Please visit their web sites to learn more about the work they do and the families they have helped.

Child Advocates of Silicon Valley ( – Child Advocates of Silicon Valley provides stability and hope to children in the foster care system who have experienced abuse and neglect by providing a trained, dedicated volunteer to mentor and advocate for the child’s best interests.

The Village House ( – An interfaith shelter of hope serves as a place of refuge for homeless and medically-fragile women to serve as a safe place to take the first step towards a productive and stable life.

Heritage Home ( – A residential program to help pregnant women overcome homelessness, learn life skills to overcome life obstacles to become loving mothers Heritage Home is restoring lives and rebuilding communities through innovative programs which provide food, shelter, clothing, training, and spiritual transformation.

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[This is an original post to Witchy Wonderful, the official blog of the Bella Vista League, the non-profit organization behind the annual Wonderful Witchy Women With A Cause luncheon and silent auction. The 2018 event will take place the last week of October, at the Fairmont Hotel, San Jose.]


Spotlight on Family Supportive Housing

A helping hand. A supportive group. A constant, guiding presence. BVL is looking forward to providing Family Supportive Housing with additional funds from the proceeds from our annual Wonderful Witchy Women With A Cause luncheon and silent auction for the essential work they continue to do in our community.

FamilySupportiveHousingFamily Supportive Housing (FSH) is unique in San Jose, in that it assists single- and two-parent whole families in crisis. From meeting the basic needs of food and shelter, to helping families get on their feet and on the path to a sustainable future, FSH supports families from the moment they are taken into temporary housing to the point when they move to permanent housing with complete self-sufficiency. Following is one success story about Maria shared by FSH:

“Maria” is a single mother of 3 children who came to stay with Family Supportive Housing’s San Jose Family Shelter in October 2016. Maria was working part-time at a local grocery chain when she and her family became homeless after the increased rents in the area precluded her from finding sustainable housing. Maria and her family bounced around with family members for short periods of time and eventually ended up in a camp on the streets before being called for a room with FSH.

During her stay at SJFS, Maria, with the help of her Case Manager, focused on employment goals that would increase the family’s income. Maria completed her background check for a full-time position as a driver for a local transportation company which included an increase in pay during training.  During her time at the Shelter, she was able to increase her income and she showed both the drive and the pending financial stability so was able to transition into the FSH AfterCare Program. Maria was being case managed by both her Shelter Case Manager who worked on stabilizing her employment goals, as well as an AfterCare Case Manager who worked on finding housing.

In March of 2017, Maria and her family were able to move into a 2-bdrm apartment in San Jose. Maria was also able to complete the legal paperwork to retain custody of her niece who was living with friends at the time. Maria retained permanent full-time employment with the transportation company and after working for a few months, was able to pay off all the debt she had accumulated from borrowing money from friends/family while she had been homeless.

At this time, Maria is saving money and working with a credit repair program to work on her credit score/report issues. Maria has a lead on a low-income apartment in San Jose that she can transition into once her credit score increases. Maria is continuing to live in the same unit that she was housed in by FSH case managers, and she is sufficiently employed to remain living in that same unit once the rental subsidy program ends. Maria is on a strong path to full self-sufficiency just 1 year after arriving at Family Supportive Housing’s doors, and takes with her all the confidence and knowledge built by having engaged and informed case managers from FSH behind her every step of the way.

[This is an original post to Witchy Wonderful, the official blog of the Bella Vista League, the non-profit organization behind the annual Wonderful Witchy Women With A Cause luncheon and silent auction. This year’s event will be held on October 27th, 10:30am – 2:00pm, at the Fairmont Hotel, San Jose. Purchase your tickets now and join us!]